Hieronymus was established as an online and appointment-only gallery in 2014 to showcase the collection of the Richard and Alita Rogers Family Foundation. Its name was inspired by the sixteenth-century Netherlandish painter Hieronymus Bosch, whose stirring oil paintings depict fantastical scenes that instill both delight and terror. Like Bosch's paintings, the collection, which encompasses ceramics, designed objects, paintings, photography, prints, sculpture, and other curiosities, traverses the grotesque and picturesque, the sacred and profane. It is built around an appreciation for experimentation; sensuous, biomorphic forms; refined, carefully wrought materials; and a sense of humor and whimsy. While the collection spans both time and geography, contemporary ceramics from Asia and the US and twentieth-century American and European design are among its strengths. Select works from the collection are on display in Akron, Ohio and Miami, Florida.

For exhibition, research, and sales inquiries, or to schedule a visit to Hieronymus, please fill out our correspondence form here.