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Title: #Whistle While You Work.2
Artist: Lisa Alonzo
Title: #Whistle While You Work.5
Artist: Lisa Alonzo
Title: #Whistle While You Work.8
Artist: Lisa Alonzo
Title: A Fragment of Hell
Artist: Bart Johnson
Title: A Quiet Immersion
Artist: Duane Slick
Title: Aerie Faerie
Artist: Neil Gall
Title: Albacore
Artist: William Allan
American born painter, William Allan, is a modernist who creates surreal and abstract images. His goal is to make the familiar unfamiliar through juxtaposition. He says he is less interested in making something entirely new than he is in changing what is already there. Besides painting, his other pastime is fishing. “Albacore” is part of a series influenced by his love of fishing. Watercolors of fish are displayed alongside simple stories also written by Allan,illuminating metaphors that are open to interpretation by the viewer.
Title: Alien II
Artist: Rose B Simpson
Title: All Means Necessary
Artist: Chris Ryniak
Title: All Wounds Are Superficial
Artist: Allison Sommers
Title: All You Can Eat With Pre-Columbian Twinkie
Artist: Dennis Culver
Title: Amp Head
Artist: Bob Dob
Inspired by his memories from childhood, painter Bob Dob creates narrative paintings that show the darker side of humanity. The paintings won’t feel nostalgic but they will strike a chord with people who grew up as outsiders. As a young man in the 1990’s, Dob was involved with the skate and punk music scene in Los Angeles. This influence manifests in motifs that reference music and adolescent counterculture.
Title: Amy Winehouse
Artist: Bart Johnson
Title: An Experiment Out of Hand II
Artist: Theo Voorzaat
Title: Annunciation II
Artist: Alice Briggs
Title: Asi Terminamos
Artist: Gunter Pall
Title: Awareness
Artist: Kelsey Brookes
Title: B
Artist: Daniel Peacock
Title: Babel
Artist: Zio Ziegler
Title: Bhairava Thangka
Artist: Unknown
Title: Bird Still
Artist: Sun Xun
Title: Black Hare
Artist: Hanna Jaeun
Title: Black Mold
Artist: Hyungsub Shin
Title: Blaze
Artist: Adam Straus
Title: Blind Prophet
Artist: Joseph Biel
Title: Bloat
Artist: Trenton Doyle Hancock
Title: Blossoming Tail
Artist: Victoria Reynolds
Title: Bone Zone No. 1
Artist: Trenton Doyle Hancock
Title: Boy
Artist: David Humphrey
Provenance: David McKee, Inc., New York (label on verso)
Title: Boy with Dragonfly
Artist: Jill Canady