Drawings and Paintings

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Title: Diffraction Polychrome
Artist: Jean Pierre Yvaral
Title: Double Star by Robert A. Heinlein
Artist: Frank Kelly Freas
Astounding Science Fiction magazine interior illustration
Title: Downtown No. 19
Artist: Gottfried Helnwein
Title: Empty Template
Artist: Nicholas Grenier
Title: En El Fondo De La Noche
Artist: Manuel Mendive
At the bottom of the Night
Title: Engulfed
Artist: Henrik Uldalen
Figurative painter Uldalen explores a dark, shrouded atmosphere with ‘Engulfed’, revelling in a zone between desire and resistance that finds beauty in a dreamlike state clouded by shadow. Uldalen focuses on expression and coded reference over realistic depiction — though the results often fall within that category as the artist meditates on classic renaissance figural work. Such heavy use of black recalls the dramatically lit figural reliefs of Caravaggio blurred in motion, the movement suggested in the painting a static capture of violence or exposure as a form recoils or opens itself, whilst a hand reaches out or balls itself into a fist.
Title: Entrapment
Artist: Darina Karpov
Title: Entropy
Artist: Tim Townsley
Title: Europa's Bull
Artist: Michael Bergt
Title: Excentrique No. 21
Artist: Mirka Lugosi
Title: Eyeball Jog
Artist: Charlie Immer
Oil on panel
Title: Faith, Hope & Charity and the Tiny Pissed off Orchestra
Artist: Victoria Carlson
Title: Fantastic Voyage
Artist: Ekundayo
Title: Fat Dancer
Artist: Michael Ferris
Title: Fire
Artist: Alice Briggs
Title: Fish on Black Background
Artist: Hyungsub Shin
Title: Flag Still
Artist: Sun Xun
Title: Flesh and the Father
Artist: Kate Eric
Title: Flora in Blue
Artist: Renee Portocarrero
Title: Flora Still
Artist: Sun Xun
Title: Flower Series
Artist: Dennis Wojtkiewicz
Title: Flying Machine Still
Artist: Sun Xun
Title: For What They Had Consumed Was Now Consuming Them
Artist: Heidi Landau
Title: Formality Vortex
Artist: Matthew Stone
Title: From Prince to Agent
Artist: Rory Coyne
Title: Geometria Fantastica X
Artist: Jose Luis Sanchez Rull
Title: George W-Skull & Bones
Artist: Pat Oliphant
Title: Goldfish
Artist: Hyungsub Shin
Title: Gravedigger
Artist: Aaron Johnson
Johnson’s art manifests through a harnessed combination of chance and design — a splash of paint, poured haphazardly direct from a tin to the translucent stretched plastic canvas, becomes a vivid and carnivalesque writhing of forms through a series of delicate, figure-finding embellishments. “Gravedigger”s lively drama of sex, violence and death combines with the strong palette to suggest some Día de Muertos revelation and ceremony. The chromatic aberrations in the cloudy fields of colour come from the unlikely source of paint — collected over time from the artist’s brushes as they’re washed after use, then left to sit and split into separately oxidising layers.
Title: Grotesque Scene
Artist: Oscar De Las Flores