Drawings and Paintings

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Title: Guerra
Artist: Ben Blatt
Title: Gypsy Woman
Artist: Armando Morales
Title: Halcyon
Artist: Laurie Hogin
Title: Hands Down
Artist: Jaybo Monk
Title: HAPP Flockettes
Artist: Victoria Carlson
Title: Happiness
Artist: Matthew Stone
Title: Heaven on Earth
Artist: Gerry Snyder
Title: Hentai
Artist: Jeff Gillette
Anime Girls piled high
Title: Holy Bible
Artist: Shawn Edwards
Title: Homenaje a Mathias
Artist: Pedro Friedeberg
Title: Horseman
Artist: Pol Turgeon
Pol Turgeon has been an illustrator since the early 1980’s and has earned close to 200 awards throughout his career. He brings toys to life using anthropomorphic creatures and mechanics20. Turgeon described “Horseman” as “...an experimental portrait for a dance show I was working on as an art director. Each performer had to be illustrated through multiple portraits, each meant to be representations of their inner psychological profiles. In the end, it became more than an experiment, it became a finished piece of art.”
Title: How Ja Do
Artist: Trent Call
Trent Call’s work is informed by formal academic painting, comics, graffiti art, and pop culture. He uses a wide variety of mediums and alters his style to match the medium. His interests are as wide and varied as his mediums. This piece exemplifies his interest in pattern, 1930’s comics, and media culture.
Title: Im Wald Und auf Der Heide
Artist: Allison Sommers
Im Wald Und auf Der Heide (In the Woods and on the Heath)
Title: In Lesser Gods We Trust
Artist: Shepard Fairey
With the success of the “OBEY” and Obama “HOPE” campaigns Fairey has found himself thrown into the media spotlight as a political commentator and personality, but his posters and artworks remain a totemic window into his worldview. The "New World Order” & “Presidential Seal” screen print series carves out a middle ground between decorative mural and historical adornment that might be found in white house architecture or the American dollar, squirrelling subversions of their principles in the complex geometries in order to derail and question their status. The presidential seal’s eagle transforms into a vulture with dexter talon's olive branch withered & the sinister’s thirteen arrows upgraded to a warhead, an all-seeing eye and hand grasping for the globe. Fairey’s familiar Andre the Giant OBEY icon - an experiment in phenomenology subsumed to become corporate brand - is tucked in as a signature.
Title: Instigator
Artist: Daniel Zeller
Title: Interdependent Vantage Point
Artist: Matthew Stone
Title: IR-31-4
Artist: Stanley Casselman
Title: Islamic Pattern
Artist: Eric Broug
Title: It Took the Siblings
Artist: Heidi Landau
Title: Keep your Eye on it
Artist: Ekundayo
Title: Kiss Off
Artist: Laura Krifka
Title: La Siesta
Artist: Dayron Gonzalez
Title: Laberintos
Artist: Pedro Friedeberg
Title: Landscape Still
Artist: Sun Xun
Title: Large Flower Girl
Artist: Dion Macellari
Acrylic on Canvas
Title: Le Muerte de la Libelula
Artist: Rafael Coronel
Rafael Coronel, born in Zacatecas, State of Zacatecas, was the son-in-law of Diego Rivera and the brother of Pedro Coronel. His representational paintings have a melancholic sobriety, and include faces from the past great masters, often floating in a diffuse haze.
Title: Leaf
Artist: Manuel Cancel
Primarily a nature painter, Manuel Cancel focuses on the danger of pollution and deforestation as well as the need to protect the environment. This piece is done in acrylic paint on canvas.
Title: Leaf
Artist: Manuel Cancel
Title: Left out in the Cold
Artist: Nathan Ota
Title: Let the voices tell you what to create
Artist: David Cook