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Title: 15 Cooking Spoons

Artist: African

Collection of fifteen African cooking and eating utensils: seven spoons, four ladles, three spatulas and one churn, showing wear consistent with field use, each on a custom base. Consisting of three Ethiopian cow horn spoons (Reference: "Aethiopia, Objets d"Ethiopie", Musee Royal de l"Afrique Centrale, Turvuren, Belgium). Two Tuareg (Mali) long handled wooden milk ladles; two Tuareg (Mali) metal alloy spoons having traditional carved handles; one Tuareg (Mali) short wooden spoon having a traditional carved handle; one Zulu (South Africa) long-handled spoon having dark patina with raised abstract design on handle (Reference: Homberger, L (Ed.), "Spoons in African Art", Museum Rietberg, Zurich, 1991); one Nigerian pyro-engraved calabash ladle; one West African metal ladle having fluted edge and loop handle; one Maasai (South Africa) wood butter churn with dark patina (Reference: Sieber, R., "African Furniture and Household Objects", Indiana University Press, 1980, p. 68); one Makonde (Tanzania) 34" wood spatula