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Title: Untitled

Artist: Joe Bartrum

Title: Untitled

Artist: Graham Marks

Title: Untitled

Artist: Christina West

Title: Untitled

Artist: Dave Plack

Title: Untitled

Artist: Michael Lucero

Ceramic with wool and acrylic yarn 50.5"h x 18"w x 23"d

Title: Untitled

Artist: Philippe Barde

Title: Untitled

Artist: Lone Skov Madsen

Title: Untitled

Artist: Kimiyo Mishima

Title: Untitled

Artist: Judy Moonelis

Title: Untitled

Artist: Chris Gustin

Glazed thrown and altered stoneware, ht. 21, wd. 11 in.; acquired directly from the artist.

Title: Untitled

Artist: Adelaide Paul

Pink Pup

Title: Untitled - Teapot Dog

Artist: Tetsuji Aono

Title: Untitled Box

Artist: Richard Shaw

ceramic 6"h x 6"w 9"d Provenance: Sotheby's New York, June 7, 2002, Lot 119

Title: Untitled II

Artist: Judy Moonelis

Title: Untitled yellow

Artist: Wouter Dam

Title: Valley

Artist: Tozan Miyanaga III

Title: Vanitas Vase

Artist: Dirk Staschke

Title: Velo

Artist: Annabeth Rosen

Having transitioned from a utile ceramic practice into a looser, artistic role, Rosen works to prise open gaps between function, decoration & sculpture. “Velo” is typical of the extravagant and often peculiar way in which the material influences her gestures and resulting form, the ceramic built to co-opt and inhabit a semi-organic state of being, the thick and colourful glaze laminating the texture of the form and giving it a shell or coral-like personality.

Title: Venus

Artist: Astrid Dahl

“Venus” has the honesty present in much of Dahl’s work, owing to the continued use of a clay which fires to a natural white finish — affording her ceramics a clean and monosyllabic presence that veils their complexity. A biological subsistence hangs over, the artist repeating patterns and forming a coaction between petals or flowers and the gentle swells and curls of porcelain.

Title: Venus

Artist: Michael Lucero

MICHAEL LUCERO (b. 1953) "Venus" sculpture (Reclamation series),1990s; Glazed and painted ceramic, reclaimed chalkware sculpture, stone base, steel; Signed; Approx.: 40" x 17" x 12" Sculpture is in two parts: the glazed and painted ceramic pots lift off of the nude sculpture. Base is in "found" condition

Title: Veronica

Artist: Mori Aya

Title: Vessel

Artist: Makiko Hatori

Title: Vessel 14B

Artist: Kate Blacklock

Combining nascent technology with ancient and typified form, Blacklock’s 3d printed ceramics are one result of a group exhibition instigated in 2014 by the artist, and involving five artists and 3d Systems — a company dedicated to developing new formats of printer that explore different base materials to print in. The CeraJet, a 3d printing technology capable of printing objects in ceramic, allows the design and rapid creation of remarkably intricate forms, Blacklock’s vessels find permeable and altogether more sculptural than immediately functional state — each core punctured with geometric holes in remarkable honeycomb-like construction. “Vessel 14b” gives a tangible sense of how the piece has been created by the printer; the ceramic, built up in coiling layers, seems caught in a viscous stasis after firing — the resulting patterns manifesting many relationships between figurative or decorative wares. 3D printing in clay