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Title: Brown Feelie

Artist: Rose and Erni Cabat

Title: Bubble Pillow

Artist: Eva Zethraeus

Title: Burnt Baby Cannon

Artist: George Ohr

The “Mad Potter of Biloxi”, George Ohr [1857-1918] was an American ceramicist celebrated from his freely expressive and experimental clay forms — prefiguring the modern Abstract-Expressionist movement with his strange and loose understandings of clay.  ‘Burnt Baby Cannon’ dumps functionality for a fascinating sculptural form, scaling down the body and appendages of the cannon to a strange, seemingly idle miniature now solely existent in the symbolic realm. Ohr’s use of particularly craggy and gritty clay (usually locally sourced from the Tchoutacabuffa river) lends a significant and effete textural depth, suggesting decay and the obsolete.

Title: Bush

Artist: Russel Biles

Title: Bust II

Artist: Evan Blackwell

3 melted oil containers - Black

Title: Button

Artist: Ryan Mitchell

Title: Cat with Dog Mask

Artist: Joe Bova

The projected anthropomorphic identity thrown on animal forms is often stronger than the human emote it epitomises, and Bova manoeuvres through this distinction with his collection of zoological ceramics that are set to human tasks and physical arrangements. Unlike other careful applications of realism and textural depth found in Bova’s oeuvre, ’Cat with Dog Mask’ makes no obfuscation of the red clay in which its built — the clarity of surface in opposition to the play on identity as the cat switches to a dog with a mask. Incised "Clay Dogs," G. Clark, Los Angeles on base. Artist's signature and date incised on base and on figure.

Title: Catastrophe

Artist: Elizabeth Hunt

Title: Catfish

Artist: Chris Berti

Title: Cave Canum

Artist: Richard Rogers

Title: Celebration

Artist: Michael Flynn

A brace of multicultural myth and classical drama informs the work of sculptor Michael Flynn, who’s figural ceramic ‘Celebration’ is packed with density of information in form and surface arrangement. Each of the three creatures is carefully composed and balanced for the resulting jubilant and gravity-defying bearing, the porcelain modelled by hand for a rough and expressive finish that conforms with the sense of dance-like activity, then sparsely flecked with colour to accentuate tiny movement or arrangement within the larger drama.

Title: Cellular Discourse

Artist: Beth Lindenberger

Title: Celt

Artist: Joseph Seigenthaler

Title: Ceramic Flowers

Artist: Anat Shiftan

Title: Chatelet CCTV

Artist: Paul Day

Title: Cheomjang No. 070501

Artist: Yun Ju Cheol

Title: Cheomjang No. 090328

Artist: Yun Ju Cheol

Title: Cheomjang No. 130114

Artist: Yun Ju Cheol

Title: Chizzletrap

Artist: Jason Walker

Title: Christ Hand Tile

Artist: Richard Notkin

Title: Cloud

Artist: Daphne Corregan

Title: Clouds

Artist: Sam Chung

This white and black glazed vase is wheel thrown and then altered and reassembled to create organic cloud-like shapes. The piece, as with the series it is a part of, is influenced by traditional Korean art and design in which clouds are a commonly used motif. Chung draws on an ancient Korean decorating technique known as sanggam in his application of black pigments to the piece. As a Korean-American, Chung professes a personal affinity for the amorphous nature of clouds. Throughout all of his work, Chung plays with the balance between form, function, and design. This piece is damaged.

Title: Cobalt Concavity

Artist: Steven Montgomery

Title: Cochiti

Artist: Virgil Ortiz

Animal (Tic) Figure 2003 Earthenware with slip and black wild spinach

Title: Coffee Tea or Me

Artist: Chris Antemann