Dixie Biggs

The woodturnings of Dixie Biggs combine the highest craftsmanship in both her selection of materials and in their shaping on Dixie's lathe. The intricate carvings that cover the surfaces of many of her pieces are inspired by nature and are not mere embellishments but seem an integral part of the particular piece of wood she is focused on as she works, unlocking classic, balanced forms from rough logs which she seems able to see into from the first time she touches them. It isn't that easy, however. For Dixie, creating each piece is an adventure, as she explores deeper and deeper into the wood until she discovers and reveals to us all the deepest meaning that it contains. And it is that sense of adventure, nurtured over many years, that Dixie brings to her art and which makes each piece seem alive.
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Title: Feeling Lucky

Artist: Dixie Biggs

The intricate, delicately tuned detail mapped across the surface of Dixie Biggs' pots explore the shape and form of interlocking and natural patterns. Biggs’ careful method of woodturning carves out and unlocks the form from large, rough wooden logs. “Feeling Lucky”s surface is formed from a dense cluster of clover leaves, and the interplay of texture, light and shadow in the carving creates a particularly sharp dynamic wherein the pot half-appears to be ‘consumed’ by growth, heightening the sculptural affectation of the functional vessel.