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Title: Lichens

Artist: Heidi Landau

Title: Little Brown Bat

Artist: Jim Holyoak

Title: Lounging Nudes

Artist: Michael Bergt

Title: Love Sanctuary

Artist: Ramon Vázquez

(Sanctuario de Amor)

Title: Lower Broadway, Woolworth Building

Artist: Richard Haas

Richard Hass is a painter and printmaker best known for his large scale architectural murals that make use of trompe l’oeil illusions to drastically alter the facades of buildings across the United States. He has been called the great architectural muralist of our time. This is an example of his smaller-scale painting projects that faithfully record classic American buildings and streetscapes. He has a strong understanding of architecture, and his paintings breathe a new life into the chosen building or view.

Title: Lyra

Artist: Leah Yerpe

Title: Machine Still

Artist: Sun Xun

Title: Man Still

Artist: Sun Xun

Title: Manhattan Bridge Study

Artist: Richard Haas

Richard Hass is an American painter and printmaker best known for his large scale architectural murals that drastically alter the facades of buildings. He creates realistic architectural elements while also giving each piece depth and a life of its own. This particular drawing of the Manhattan Bridge effectively uses angles and color to create a beautiful and fresh take on this iconic New York City landmark.

Title: Marjorie with Smiling Face

Artist: Ben Johnson

Oil on canvas

Title: Meat

Artist: Alan Loehle

Title: Melancholia

Artist: Casey Vogt

Vogt explores the ideas of Americans’ relationships to drug use, the war on drugs, and the pharmaceutical industry in his most recent paintings. His ornate, mandala-like compositions induce a psychedelic consciousness contrasted by the socio-political narratives presented by the figures.

Title: Memento Mori

Artist: John Sokol

Title: Mental Complacencey

Artist: Victoria Carlson

Title: Mexican Man

Artist: Armando Morales

Title: Mid-Air

Artist: Louis Lozowick

Lozowick is renowned for his Precisionist style with his lithographs, influenced in part from his travels through Berlin and Moscow and associations with styles such as Russian Constructivism, Bauhaus, Futurism and De Stijl, and contact with artists such as El Lissitsky. The sharp, geometrically inclined murals focus heavily on the repeating forms and patterns of mechanised industry and the urban environment, but convey humanist principles and an ultimately optimistic view of industrial progression and the human condition within 1930s New York.

Title: Misfit Chain Smoker

Artist: John Whipple

Title: Mold on Blue Background

Artist: Hyungsub Shin

Title: Morphology No. 1211

Artist: Andy Moses

A Los Angeles-based artist with a unique take on color and the relationship between space, shape and light. Andy Moses paints with pearlescent pigments on concave canvases, which curve inward like the old Cinerama movie screens of the 1950's. The effect harnesses light and causes the painting to shift in depth and contrast as the viewer moves around it. Moses also works with convex canvases, which utilize an outward curve, causing his pearlescent colors to shift and change as different amounts of light hit the surface at any given point. "All the work I've ever done has always been about interacting with natural processes and then reacting to what those natural processes do. So it's a constant back-and-forth process until the painting is finished"

Title: Mother & Child

Artist: Armando Morales

Title: Mujer de Leche

Artist: Karima Muyaes

Title: Multi Color Pour on Aluminum

Artist: Margie Livingston

Multi color pour on waterboard

Title: NBR17

Artist: Marc Eisenberg

Title: New World Order

Artist: Shepard Fairey

With the success of the “OBEY” and Obama “HOPE” campaigns Fairey has found himself thrown into the media spotlight as a political commentator and personality, but his posters and artworks remain a totemic window into his worldview. The "New World Order” & “Presidential Seal” screen print series carves out a middle ground between decorative mural and historical adornment that might be found in white house architecture or the american dollar, squirrelling subversions of their principles in the complex geometries in order to derail and question their status. The presidential seal’s eagle transforms into a vulture with dexter talon's olive branch withered & the sinister’s thirteen arrows upgraded to a warhead, an all-seeing eye and hand grasping for the globe. Fairey’s familiar Andre the Giant OBEY icon - an experiment in phenomenology subsumed to become corporate brand - is tucked in as a signature.

Title: Nino De Aguilo

Artist: Manuel Ayaso

The confession

Title: Nips

Artist: Camilla D'Errico

Title: Noh Drama

Artist: Kogyo Tsukioka

Title: Nude

Artist: Michael Bergt