Errol Willett

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Title: Massive Vessel

Artist: Errol Willett

Large scale ceramic sculpture by Willett, whose trajectory of practice has developed in a sliding scale from functional objects towards expressive pottery in a career that has seen him study and collaborate with the likes of Ken Ferguson, Betty Woodman and Paul Soldner amongst others. This vessel explores an intersection of organic shape and texture, feeling for a sensation of fluid mass and density through relationships to the body and to the softer and more malleable machinations of clay. The proportions at which Willett works result from a period where the artist was offered studio space in a factory with access to industrial-level kilns and other equipment, the afforded ability to shift upwards in scale reinforcing an increasingly conceptual underpinning in his ceramic production that has held. Massive abstract earthenware sculpture, Sumus series, Colorado, 1990s On concrete base Signed 43" x 19" x 19" Note: Willett has studied and worked with Betty Woodman, Ken Ferguson, and Paul Soldner, among others.