Kristine Tlge Lund

Kristine Tillge Lund was born in 1973 in Denmark and educated at the Glass and Ceramic School on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. Shortly after graduating, she had her very first solo show in 2003 at Puls Gallery next to Mieke Everaet. Kristine Tillge Lund is currently studying at the Royal College of Art in London. Despite her young age Tillge Lund was already selected for several important international exhibitions. Artist’s statement: My work for this exhibition is the result of an abstract study in the dynamics within a controlled organic form. The objects reside between biomorphic fantasy and formal organic exploration. From a distance you get the impression that each object’s complexity is casually organised, yet when you come closer you realise the meticulous system each object depends on. Through the careful interaction and mutual influence we experience an ongoing organic evolution. The natural looking rough surfaces and colours give you a feeling of a forest, again enhancing the organic expression.
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Title: Untitled

Artist: Kristine Tlge Lund

The result of studies into the dynamics of sense of movement conveyed in single, resolved forms — this untitled piece conveys fluidity in a remarkable use of porcelain. Appearing soft and foamlike, Lund intends the shape to shift in proximity, appearing spontaneously or meticulously arranged as the viewers focus switches. Her continued use of ceramic comments on the material’s fragility and ubiquity, and the potential it holds for creating something unexpected.