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Title: Giant

Artist: Shepard Fairey


Artist: Jean Carlu

JEAN CARLU (1900-1997) GIVE 'EM BOTH BARRELS. 1941. 30x39 3/4 inches, 76x101 cm. U.S. Government Printing Office, [Washington D.C.] Condition B+: repaired tears and restored losses at edges; minor creases and abrasions in margins and image. In 1939, while still in France, Carlu designed a poster promoting the "Anglo-French Day for the benefit of the combatants and their families," featuring two soldiers in profile, a theme which he clearly replicated here, but with far more effect and impact. "A visual analogy is found between a machine gun and a rivet-gun," (Word & Image p. 61) driving home the connection between home front workers and front-line soldiers. This is the larger of two formats.

Title: Go With the Flow

Artist: Jermaine Rogers

Queens of the Stone Age poster.

Title: Goodyear Zeppelin

Artist: Margaret Bourke-White

This work retains original presentation frame constructed from the same material used for the girder of the United States Airship Akron built by Goodyear Zeppelin Corporation. Signed to lower right: [Bourke-White]. Literature: Aluminum by Design, Nichols, pg. 207

Title: Guilt Haunts

Artist: Sergei Isupov

Title: Happy Valentine's Day

Artist: Marian Bantjes

Title: Hawaii

Artist: Earl M Washington

Title: Heart

Artist: Polly Burnell

Title: Heaven

Artist: Peter Saul

Title: Hot Air Balloons - US Navy

Artist: N/A

From a collection of seven US Navy blimp photographs.

Title: I-75 Detroit, MI

Artist: Barry Underwood

Title: Iji Duzon

Artist: Polly Burnell

Title: In a German Forest

Artist: Otto Altenkirch

Title: In the Shower

Artist: Gustav Klucis

Title: Intento

Artist: Yolanda

Title: Jazz Mandolin Project

Artist: Jermaine Rogers

Title: Jimi Hendrix Experience in San Francisco

Artist: Victor Moscoso & Rick Griffin

Title: Job

Artist: Casas

Title: Joris

Artist: Tomiyuki Sakuta

An inky, subaquatic portrait from Sakura, “Joris” is part of the “Friends Series” — the artist deriving a subject from friends or familiar faces, then accentuating or manipulating particular values within their portrait to explore their sense of self, as well as his own. The creased, gently floating form suggests a particularly delicate and submerged skin, small beads tucked unto folds and pockets of the surface. The sharp lines and white frame of the glasses sit in contrast to the delicate phrasing of the shaded tones around it, and lend a interesting pulp-graphic intonation.

Title: Joshua Tree

Artist: James F. Danis

Title: Lathyrus Odoratus L

Artist: Macoto Murayama

Title: Le Bonhomme Misère

Artist: Alphonse Legros

Title: Les Bas Reyes

Artist: Hans Bellmer

Color Lithograph- From An American Portrait, 1776-1976. Published by Transworld Art, New York. Blindstamp bottom left corner of margin. Toned, traces of foxing.

Title: Les Milles En Feu

Artist: Hans Bellmer