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Title: Female Bust

Artist: Italian

Title: Fender Champ - Assholes

Artist: Kaz Oshiro

Acrylic bondo on stretched canvas over wood (box)

Title: Fertility Object

Artist: N/A

Mexican fertility object in bronze. Two pieces

Title: Flathead

Artist: Chris Berti

Title: Fluid Dynamic

Artist: Richard Sweeney

Title: Fly

Artist: De Vera

Title: Fly

Artist: De Vera

Title: Fly

Artist: De Vera

Title: Future Mutation

Artist: Luke Jerram

Title: Grasshopper

Artist: Ernesto Tamariz

Sculptor specialising in monumental and public works of art, particularly across his native Mexico. This piece’s subtle rendering of the grasshopper in bronze has an angular, mechanised undercurrent that seems the result of a material and figural connection forged by the artist. mpressed signature and date to base: [E Tamariz Mexico 1956]. The artist Ernesto Tamariz was an important sculptor of iconic monuments in Mexico City. His work profoundly influenced me as a child. - David Cruz

Title: Hand

Artist: N/A

Title: Hanging Up The Laundry

Artist: Yi Hwan-Kwon

Title: Hiniker Red

Artist: Jeremy Thomas

Title: Horse

Artist: Charles Beneke

Title: Horse 9

Artist: Jason Borders

Title: Hungarian

Artist: Geza Szollosi

Hungarian artist Geza Szollosi has focused his career on creating a form of modern body shock, utilising flesh and biologically-derived materials to explore a form of Freudian death drive through arresting visual art. “Hungarian 2” is of a series of works created through taxidermy, perverting the origins of the technique to create a mutation of the animal’s original form, the hide of the animals head inflated and stretched into a near-perfect spherical shape as a weird, unsettling proxy — retaining the recognisable features of the cow whilst rejectably unlike any natural or organic image. Through this, the boundary at which the identity is irreversibly altered or killed becomes stretched too.

Title: In Video

Artist: Don Drumm

Title: Industrial Beauty

Artist: Emily Dvorin