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Title: Queen's Ware Decanter

Artist: Wedgwood

Wedgwood Queen's Ware Punch Decanter and Stopper, England, c. 1880, the stopper molded with a bust of Punch, the decanter brown transfer printed with scenes of Punch and Toby, impressed mark, ht. 12 1/4 in. Provenance: Property of the Saint Louis Art Museum. Sold to benefit the acquisition fund. Top of Punch's hat restored.

Title: Raven in Black Basalt

Artist: Wedgwood

Raven from the celebrated English ceramic firm, modelled by Ernest Light and completed in black basalt with distinctive glass eyes in the early 20th century. Josiah Wedgwood introduced into production a black stoneware body in 1768. The first trials for Wedgwood's new black body had begun by July 1766, even before the move to Etruria. By September 1767 his experiments were at an advanced stage, ready for production, and less than twelve months later black basalt wares were on the market. He called it ‘Black Basaltes'; we know it as black basalt. Made from reddish-brown clay which burned black in firing, this ceramic body was superior in its appearance to the local 'Egyptian Black' wares produced in the area prior to that date.

Title: Sphinx - Black Basalt

Artist: Wedgwood

Wedgwood Black Basalt Model of a Sphinx, England, c. 1900, the seated figure mounted atop a raised rectangular base decorated with hieroglyphs in relief, impressed mark