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Title: Breath of Nature Sea

Artist: Seung Ha Lee

Title: Building Still

Artist: Sun Xun

Title: But Who Knows Why a Man...

Artist: Allison Sommers

Title: Car Still

Artist: Sun Xun

Title: Cardinal

Artist: Sergio Garval

Title: Castellis Improvement

Artist: Ben Johnson

Oil on canvas

Title: Cave Scape No. 3

Artist: Trenton Doyle Hancock

Through pop-amalgams of comic strip, op art and referrals back to the density and detail in composition of artists such as Dürer or Bruegel the Elder, Hancock forms complex, sprawling drawings such as “Cave Scape 3” that offer a commentary on morality, good versus evil, and the breaking points between imagination and reality. Here, the reoccurring ‘Mounds’ (a creature both animal and plant that features across many of Hancock’s works) have been sunken into a landscape that modulates and oozes as mud or viscous liquid, the land scattered with objects that equally evoke a playground or rubbish heap.

Title: Certainty

Artist: Jane Xylor

Title: Chameleon

Artist: Dayron Gonzalez

Title: Champ

Artist: Reza Kassai

Title: Chic Proof

Artist: Bob Rose

Title: Chicken

Artist: Rodriguez

Title: Chimerical

Artist: Steve Aldrich

The complexity and fantastical detail of “Chimerical” is defined through Aldrich’s process of collage as a grounds for the re-appreciation of art; slicing & recombining images from a wide array of pre-20th century engravings, illustrations and prints. The work is softly surreal in its combination of imagery and underlying meaning — the strange hybridity of the Chimera in these illustrative representations again at odds with the classical and often geometric landscapes repeated behind them — but also carefully ordered, categorised and structured to Aldrich’s specification, which evolved in the 1990s when working alongside the collagist Fredrick Sommer. Framed size 32.75 x 42 Inches

Title: Clouds Still

Artist: Sun Xun

Title: Coagula

Artist: Ericailcane

Title: Confesión

Artist: Manuel Ayaso

Title: Conscious Energy

Artist: Notio

Conscious Energy/ E=01

Title: Cosmos Suite-God's Creatures

Artist: Kamila Wozniakowska

Title: Cosmos Suite-God's Creatures

Artist: Kamila Wozniakowska

Title: Cow Fetus

Artist: Elizabeth Gunter

Title: Crane No. 23

Artist: Ariel DeAndrea

Title: Cyclops on red

Artist: Peter Saul

Title: Dahlia Series

Artist: Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Title: De-Ja Voo-Doo III

Artist: Jose Luis Sanchez Rull

Title: Diana Sleeping

Artist: Michael Bergt