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Title: Skull Frog

Artist: Linares Family

Title: Small Bound Goat

Artist: Jack Zajac

This California-based artist is best known for his bronze statues that resemble animal skulls. Zajac calls on the traditions of surrealism, biomorphism, and abstraction to create a body of work that deals with animal sacrifice Numbered 3/6; Bronze; Provenance: Private Collection, Princeton

Title: Small Moth

Artist: Chris Berti

Title: Solamente

Artist: Jason Borders

Title: Spider

Artist: Helen Harrison

Title: Spiked Metal Spider

Artist: Hyungsub Shin

Title: Spool

Artist: Emil Alzamora

"Spool is one of a series of sculptures made that explore the human figure in a reduced or simplified way, either by encasing or transforming their outer surface or skin. With Spool, the coils emanate from within the head, implying that the coils that wrap the figure originate from within. It is a cocoon of sorts, where the form inside is transforming and growing while protected, though at the same time the protection seems ominous." -Emil Alzamora

Title: St. Francis of Assisi Head

Artist: Brazilian Religious Artifact

Title: Stag Beetle

Artist: Vittorio Costantini

Title: Sun Flower

Artist: Klaus Ihlenfeld

Title: Sweep Antenna Beetle

Artist: Vittorio Costantini

Title: Tea Set

Artist: Sean Donlon

Title: Tetrapod

Artist: Dominic Falcione

Title: The Code Prize

Artist: Bathsheba Grossman

Title: The Guardian

Artist: Kris Kuksi

Title: The Idea of the Electric Lightbulb Sinks In

Artist: Greg Nangle

Nangle’s marriage of glass and metal comes from a fascination with liquidising, pouring, and re-solidifying the material — reformatting appearance and objectivity to his whim.  ‘The Idea of the Electric Lightbulb Sinks In’ appropriates the form of the lightbulb as a familiar but disruptive vessel, the realism and trompe l’ceil mimicry of each bulb in the stack set against the strange and uncertain material placed inside, and precarious overall amassed structure. Nangle seeks to question objects for which we take for granted — his series of works in this realm inserting bubble wrap, packing material or even glowing elemental gases into glass as an ongoing investigation of hidden and unacknowledged spaces.

Title: Thorned Pod

Artist: David Sengel

Title: Torso of Skeleton

Artist: Kaas Sculptureworks

Title: Totem

Artist: N/A

Title: Totem

Artist: N/A

Title: Totem

Artist: N/A

Title: Totem

Artist: N/A

Title: Totem

Artist: N/A

Title: Totem

Artist: N/A

Title: Totem

Artist: N/A